form for A&C 2015

form for A&C 2015

the form has two parts.

The upper part has to be filled with information from the dog

Tipo de Inscrição= type of registration (homologado = registered dog at AKC/ CKC/ FCI)
prova= competition (grade 1, open, a&c, open + a&c)
apelido= nickname
nome de registro= registration name
No. de registro= registration number
raç= breed
cor= color
sex0= sex (male, female)
Data de Nascimento= date of birth
categoria= category (small, medium, large)
Carteira de Trabalho= number at national agility association.

The bottom part contains information from the handler

nome= first name
sobrenome= last name
Endereço= address
cidade= city
pais= country
telefone= telephone